Opus sine Praemio

The Argument from Design was originally conceived of by Chris Foreman and Tim Stock as a place online to host mashups between art and philosophy. The title refers to the classic physical-theological proof that apparent design gives us reason to judge there to be intelligence behind the universe as a whole. We can only hope that we’ve provided adequate reason to judge intelligence behind our own work.

We look at design, comics, particularities and peculiarities to locate philosophy in the mundane, as well as seek out everyday ways to express the history of philosophy to a general audience. All the works on this site are produced collaboratively.

At present we have roughly 4 series:

Dialogue Comics: These are real or imagined dialogues between philosophers and their interlocutors.

Text Comics: These comics are visualizations of classic (or obscure) texts within the history of philosophy.

aKadem(i)a: This series fictionalizes and visually re-imagines (though the eyes of main character Kadema (Dema) Bell,) actual stories from philosophers of various backgrounds as they have experienced the ups and downs of the academic philosophy job market.

General Humor: Occasional comics in response to the news, or just for a laugh.


Tim Stock is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Salisbury University on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. He teaches several courses on the philosophy of art, especially graphic novels. He has experimented with writing for comics as a form of public philosophical communication since 2006 with the publication of Suspect Culture (with Warren Heise), which was subsequently featured in the documentary of the same name. His current academic research involves publications on humor, theatricality, comics, and memory in the context of phenomenological and existential philosophy. In addition to writing the comics for tAfD, he is experimenting with producing installation-comics involving painting and photographic documentation, and contributes to sevaral public philosophy initiatives.

Chris Foreman is a graduate of Salisbury University (Art, Philosophy) and a founding member of our collective. He and his partner Rachel Price are professional glass and sculpture artists and are co-founders of 2150 Glass in Baltimore.

John Mosher is an Assistant Professor of Art at Salisbury University. He teaches Web Design and studio art classes. He is a creator of many things: websites, collages, drawings, videos, and portmanteau words. You can see more of his work here.

Denel Robin: In her own words - "My name is Denel Robin and I am the artist for the "Akadema"series of comics. I am a biology major who likes philosophy, loves the movie "Transformers", and hates honey mustard. I am primarily a painter but I can make dope art with any medium. I make marks."